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Four Corners Economic Development's Workforce Steering Committee is a group of employers and educators dedicated to improving the local workforce. Some of the issues they are working on are:

  • Executive leadership training
  • Addressing drug and alcohol issues in the workplace
  • Work ethics and soft skills training

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ACT, Inc. Certified Work Ready Community Launch scheduled for April 23, 2015!

Stay posted for more information as San Juan County gets even closer to becoming New Mexico's first Work Ready Community.



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Our goal:  To align education and workforce development with the economic development goal of matching qualified people to jobs. The result will be a workforce ready to meet employers' needs in order to grow and diversify the regional economy.

San Juan County is the first county in New Mexico to be accepted into the ACT, Inc. Work Ready Communities certification program. The foundation of a community's certification is based on job seekers at the county earning a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™) and employers recognizing the value of NCRC™. The NCRC™ is a portable, industry-recognized credential that clearly identifies an individual’s skills in reading for information, applied math and locating information – skills required for 77% of jobs based on ACT JobPro database.

The WorkKeys® assessments created by ACT, Inc. are five times more likely to predict on-the-job success than educational levels alone. WorkKeys® tests applicants for cognitive skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking, needed to succeed in most jobs.

WorkKeys® assessments also open doors for job seekers by showing hiring managers they may have the skills to perform a job even if they do not have the experience or education level normally required for the job posting.

WORKFORCE  steering committee

ACT, Inc. is bridging the communication gap among students, educators and employers when talking about on-the-job skills with the WorkKeys® assessments.


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Businesses who support our Work Ready Communities initiative by recognizing the NCRC™ can post jobs on this site for FREE! Other listings are accepted for a nominal monthly fee.  Click Here for more information on submitting a listing.

Skill Ready Four Corners is a workforce development initiative led by Four Corners Economic Development in partnership with San Juan College and New Mexico Workforce Connections, Northern Area, created to address workforce needs in San Juan County.

A qualified workforce is consistently cited as one of the top three criteria that site selectors look for when deciding where to locate new businesses. Good workforce development programs can ensure that local unemployment is as low as possible and people in the community are making more money and living more fulfilling lives by getting better jobs.

The Skill Ready Four Corners initiative consists of several components:

  • Promotion of skills-based hiring through the ACT, Inc. Work Ready Communities initiative.
  • Opening doors for job seekers by promoting trainings and hosting an easy-to-use county-wide jobs posting board.
  • Supporting employers by offering specialized, rapid-response, training options, affordable job postings and  workforce recruitment assistance.